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Here Comes Santa Claus…


  • GE_20121115-PAPER-DIY-CRAFT-Here-Comes-Sant-Claus-Advent-Calendar_cover
  • GE_20121115-PAPER-DIY-CRAFT-Here-Comes-Sant-Claus-Advent-Calendar_1
  • GE_20121115-PAPER-DIY-CRAFT-Here-Comes-Sant-Claus-Advent-Calendar_2
  • GE_20121115-PAPER-DIY-CRAFT-Here-Comes-Sant-Claus-Advent-Calendar_3
  • GE_20121115-PAPER-DIY-CRAFT-Here-Comes-Sant-Claus-Advent-Calendar_4
  • GE_20121115-PAPER-DIY-CRAFT-Here-Comes-Sant-Claus-Advent-Calendar_5
  • GE_20121115-PAPER-DIY-CRAFT-Here-Comes-Sant-Claus-Advent-Calendar_6
Nov 26, 2012 DIY, Paper , 0 Comments

I don’t know about you, but I have been a Pinterest maniac for the past few months now. I search for everything on there. Now that the holidays are fast approaching, I decided this year I would have an advent calendar for Isabella. Of course, I would rather not have to buy one so I [...]

A Space to Call My Own…


  • GE_20121115-INTERIOR-DESIGN-DIY-A-Place-To-Call-My-Own_1
  • GE_20121115-INTERIOR-DESIGN-DIY-A-Place-To-Call-My-Own_2
  • GE_20121115-INTERIOR-DESIGN-DIY-A-Place-To-Call-My-Own_4
  • GE_20121115-INTERIOR-DESIGN-DIY-A-Place-To-Call-My-Own_5
  • GE_20121115-INTERIOR-DESIGN-DIY-A-Place-To-Call-My-Own_6
  • GE_20121115-INTERIOR-DESIGN-DIY-A-Place-To-Call-My-Own_7
Nov 15, 2012 DIY, Interior Design 0 Comments

We have lived at our house for almost 6 years now. We recently underwent a major renovation and now I finally have a space I can call my own… my creative zone, my home away from home (even though technically it’s in my home). It took quite some time but I finally completed my office [...]

Ring Around the Rosy…


Sep 2, 2010 Art, Jewelry , 0 Comments

Rings… probably one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. If you read my bio, you already know I took jewelry classes… but do you know the reason? Some of you may..but for those that don’t, I’ll tell you. I had recently gotten engaged, and thought what a wonderful wedding gift it would be if I [...]