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who is Green Elephant?

Growing up I used to steal the Sunday Funnies, sit on the floor of my living room, and using the couch as my desk, try to sketch each character to precision. During the weekends, my dad chose to take me to the local hardware store to pick up supplies for projects we worked on together. He was the one who taught me what each tool was and how it was used, At a very early age, I enjoyed using any sort of tool, be it a pen, pencil, hammer or screwdriver. Building and creating was in my blood. I studied Art History in college and to this day, I am wild about all things creative and artistic..no matter what medium. In 2003, I started working on creating my own line of stationery and eventually started to broaden my horizons to include graphic design. A year and a half later, I decided to take a jewelry class. After that class, I was immediately inspired. It was my new love. I know, I have my hands full but nothing makes me happier than designing things from scratch and seeing it come to fruition.

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