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A DIY Holiday…


Dec 15, 2013 DIY, Sew , , , , Comments are off

Every year, for the holidays, my family does a Secret Santa exchange. This year, instead of buying a present with a price limit, we decided to make our presents this year. Some were not as excited as I was on the new “rule”, but everyone decided to embrace the idea and delve into the world [...]

A Wedding Marquee…


Oct 15, 2013 DIY, Paper, Wedding , , , , , Comments are off

My sister-in-law’s wedding in just a couple of weeks away and I can’t seem to stop DIYing. She found this wonderful movie marquee on Pinterest and as a surprise, I wanted to make it for her and her fiancé. The project in itself isn’t so difficult, it’s just slightly time consuming, having to score all [...]