A website dedicated to my work, my crafts, my finds... my life.

A blog dedicated to my work, my crafts, my finds... my life

A Wedding Marquee…


Oct 15, 2013 DIY, Paper, Wedding , , , , , Comments are off

My sister-in-law’s wedding in just a couple of weeks away and I can’t seem to stop DIYing. She found this wonderful movie marquee on Pinterest and as a surprise, I wanted to make it for her and her fiancé. The project in itself isn’t so difficult, it’s just slightly time consuming, having to score all [...]

Flower Girl Accessory…


May 16, 2013 DIY, Felt , , , , Comments are off

Isabella is a flower girl!! Yes, it’s her first time and I’m a little nervous. Will she able to walk down the aisle? Will she get scared and cry? Is this too much pressure for a two year old? Obviously, whatever happens..happens. I don’t really have control of how the events will turn out. Yet, [...]

A Different Kind of Party Favor…


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Mar 8, 2013 Art, DIY, Kids , , , 0 Comments

Since my daughter Isabella loves art so much and I didn’t want to give away candy and stickers for the usual favor bags, I decided to give our guests an original ‘Isabella’ painting. I had purchased mini canvases and easels on Amazon.com for each guest. I sat Isabella down, gave her paints, brushes, stamps and [...]

Paper Mobiles


Mar 5, 2013 DIY, Paper , , , 0 Comments

On to decoration #2…paper mobiles. You can get the full tutorial here. In the tutorial she used vellum, but for the one I made, I used the same paper that I used for the paper lanterns. I thought that would tie everything in better with the rest of the decorations. I also made them shorter [...]