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Before and After: A Furniture Make-Under Part 2


Mar 26, 2014 DIY, Furniture , , , , 0 Comments

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about an ottoman that needed a serious make-under and I finally finished it’s counterpart..a lovely chair that desperately needed some attention. The chair had beautiful lines but  the dark stain and ugly rattan fabric took away from that. Since the chair was much larger than the ottoman, instead of sanding the entire thing down, which would have taken forever, I decided to try to use a paint stripper. Since it was still the dead of winter, I had to do most of the stripping indoors, so I set out to look for a product without the harsh smell. I came across one from Amazon that worked super well and did most of the work for me. Don’t get me wrong, I still did a couple of hours of sanding on the piece, but by using Citristrip, I was able to cut the sanding time by half.

Once the sanding was done, I gave the chair a nice coat of mineral oil and then I began the reupholster. I had already hand stamped the canvas fabric at the same time I did the ottoman fabric, so I was able to save time there. I just re-ironed it, cut it to size, the slowly started tacking it down with my upholstery tacks. I started from the center top and worked my way to the left and right. Once that was set, I worked my way down on both sides, alternating so that the fabric stayed straight and taut. The curves of the chair made it a little difficult but working slowly and carefully helped me get through to the end.

And the result: a beautful new piece for our bedroom! My next big project: re-upholstering the yellow couch you see in the background. That, for sure, will be a HUGE task..but I’m up for it!

Check out the before and after on the ottoman here.