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A Perfectly Purple Birthday Party


Mar 15, 2014 Birthday, DIY, Paper , , , 0 Comments

It took a couple of weeks to plan and decorate for Isabella’s 3rd birthday party. I made most of the decorations myself and I needed a lot of time to do that. With the fringed streamers, the piñata, balloons, signs, games and favors, my plate was extremely full, but I managed to get everything done and set before the guests arrived. Thankfully the weather was beautiful. The sun was out, the temperature not freezing, and the kids were able to play at the local playground for a bit. I had three games set for the day, pin the tail, pass the gifts (kind of like hot potato), and the piñata. The piñata was the best part. Living in Brooklyn, I don’t really have a great place to hang the piñata from a tree or other tall structure, so  my urban way of doing it was attaching the piñata to a pole and dangling it out the 2nd floor bedroom window to the very eager kids in the backyard. The result: success! Each kid was able to whack the piñata a few times which ended up with lots of candy and happy faces everywhere. Though it took me quite sometime to get the house ready for the party, it was all worth it for my lil nugget. She had fun as well as all her little guests and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. I left the decorations up for an extra week though, just so they get the maximum amount of display time.