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A Crown Fit for a Birthday Girl…


Mar 14, 2014 Crochet, Kids , , 0 Comments

Birthday crowns seem to be a tradition for Isabella’s birthday. Each year, I make her a special felt crown to make her feel special on her day…and each year, she wears the crown for about an hour, if I’m lucky and then is totally done with it. This year is no different, but even though I know what is in store for these little head accessories, I still want to make it for her anyway. The past two years I made her a felt crown for her birthday, but this year, I decided to crochet her a small one that just sits right on top of her head. I found this sweet crocheted crown pattern on Etsy. Considering the size is quite small, it only took me a half hour to crochet her this little piece. To give the crown more structure, I decided to spray it with fabric stiffner. Using a glass jar I had in my pantry, I wrapped it in plastic wrap (that way the crown doesn’t stick to the bottle when dry). I placed the crown around the glass jar. I spray-coated the crown til it was pretty damp, then I left it to dry. You can use your hair dryer for faster drying time. Once dry, I spray-coated it again to make sure the crown was pretty stiff. Once dry, you have the option to add stones, or glitter if you like. I chose to keep it simple and white. I attached the crown to a elastic headband and voila! A new birthday crown was born.