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How To: Let’s make a Piñata!


Mar 13, 2014 DIY, Kids, Paper , , , , , , 0 Comments

So my daughter turned 3 this past Monday, and we decided to have a small party for her at our house, and that usually means, I go all out with decorating. I love to entertain and I love to make decorations, so this was a perfect time to utilize my crafty skills for a special occasion. I pretty much knew exactly what I wanted to make but at the last minute, I decided I wanted to make a piñata for all the little kiddies. So here’s how I did it:


Streamers (in this case, I used purple and fuschia, since that was pretty much the theme of the party}
Scissors ( I used the Martha Stewart fringe scissors, which helped tremedously)
Masking Tape
Box cutter
Level (to help cut straight lines)
Let’s get started!

  1. I, first,  freehanded the number 3 on the front of a piece of cardboard. I stacked that cardboard on another piece of equal size and, using the box cutter, cut through both pieces of cardboard so I have the exact same number ‘3’ cut.
  2. Cut strips of cardboard, at about 3 inches in width. These will be the sides of the piñata.
  3. Tape the strips along the edges of the number. (Feel free to use glue or tape but I find tape works much faster)
  4. Once the entire number has been lined with the strips of cardboard, tape the back of the number in place
  5. Set the number aside, and unravel your streamers. I unwound the streamer, then folded it several times on itself. Using my fringe scissors, I cut fringe on one side.
  6. Once I had a large amount of fringed lovliness, I started to cover the outside of the number. Begining from the bottom, I worked my way up. I added a bead of glue to the box, then put the fringed streamer on top. I did the front, then the back and finally the sides until the entire piñata was covered. I alternated with the colors to give the piñata a bit more dimension. I covered the top part last. After I stuffed the piñata with sugary goodies, I punched holes on the top so I could string twine through. Once that was done, I taped the opening shut and added the streamers to finish it off.

Considering it was my first piñata, I think I came out pretty well. Too bad it later got destroyed in under 10 minutes. That’s what they’re for, right?

IMG_5807 IMG_5809IMG_5810 IMG_5816