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Let’s DIY


Sep 16, 2013 DIY, Interior Design , , , , 0 Comments

My husband and I have been searching for the perfect console table to put in our bedroom for months. Each time we thought we found the right one, it turned out that it was either too tall, too short, too thick, the wrong color or just too expensive. We almost gave up but decided maybe we could make one. We are by no means carpenters, but we know how to use tools better than the average Joe. So we set out to find the perfect piece of wood for our project, which turned out to not be an easy task as well.

A month ago, on a trip to the Berkshires, my husband was determined to find it there…and he did! A beautiful slab of Cherry that would be perfect for our bedroom. We found the hairpin legs we wanted on Etsy and once those were delivered, we set out to create our ‘perfect’ console table. After measuring, we cut the slab down with our trusty circular saw, sanded it down, attached the legs and voíla! Our. Perfect. Console. Table! I rubbed mineral oil on the top to bring out the beautiful color of the wood and we couldn’t be happier. We love it!



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