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Flower Girl Accessory…


May 16, 2013 DIY, Felt , , , , Comments are off

Isabella is a flower girl!! Yes, it’s her first time and I’m a little nervous. Will she able to walk down the aisle? Will she get scared and cry? Is this too much pressure for a two year old? Obviously, whatever happens..happens. I don’t really have control of how the events will turn out. Yet, I do have control on what she will wear. The wedding is very formal and I found a beautiful flower girl dress for her online and the only thing missing was a little something for her hair. Since the wedding is in a few days (leave it to me to procrastinate), I went on trusty Pinterest to find and easy to make hairpiece for my little nugget. After countless searches, I chose one. Using felt left over from a previous project, beads I had lying around, a glue gun and needle and thread, I created the perfect head accessory for my little flower girl. Now hopefully, she’ll keep it on her head. Here’s to wishing.