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Felt-tastic Projects for a DIY Birthday


  • Revealing the ‘2’!
  • IMG_1584
  • Felt crown
  • Mini bunting for cake
  • IMG_1600
  • Isabella’s name cut out of felt
  • mini bunting flags
  • End result for the favor bags
  • Monogram sewn
  • Monograms
  • Stencil
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Here are a few more DIY projects I decided to tack on to my already huge list of birthday to-dos. I purchased felt from the local craft store, as well as fabric tote bags to use as favors for Isabella’s little guests. I wanted to personalize the favor bags so I decided to monogram their first initial using felt and my handy dandy sewing machine. For Isabella’s first birthday, I made their favor bags with striped fabric and a drawstring closure and sewed tags with their names on the side. I always thinks kids will love things that have their name on them.

Using Adobe Illustrator, I printed each child’s first initial in a sizable font, outlined the letter so I use less ink and it’s easier to cut out…for me. Once that was done, I transferred the paper to a piece of felt then cut the letters out. Each letter was then placed on a tote bag and I sewed around each letter, tied a thank you tag on the handle, filled the bag with a book about a famous artist, art supplies (mini water color, mini crayons, coloring book, candy) and it’s ready for their eager hands!

 With the leftover felt, I made a mini pendant streamer with Isabella’s name on it to attach to the cake. I cut out little triangles with pink felt, then cut out her name with white. I attached each letter to a triangle with a quick pass in my sewing machine. After sewing each triangle together, I attached the streamer to two dowels. Placed the dowels onto the cake and Voila! Done!

 The last felt project was her crown. I had made a felt crown for her last year and now I think it’s become a tradition. Using the colors of her party, I retraced the template I used last year. Using pink felt as the base and gray as the background, I cut out circles of light blue and yellow to decorate the crown. Lastly, I stitched the number 2 on the center front, and cut inside the lines to bring out the gray background. I added elastic to the back and her crown is done! Lot of work, but honestly, so worth it!