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A Space to Call My Own…


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Nov 15, 2012 DIY, Interior Design 0 Comments

We have lived at our house for almost 6 years now. We recently underwent a major renovation and now I finally have a space I can call my own… my creative zone, my home away from home (even though technically it’s in my home).

It took quite some time but I finally completed my office space. I had a bit of difficulty trying to figure out how to decorate this room. I needed it to be a creative space, a place I didn’t mind spending countless hours in, a place that will inspire me every time I walk into it.

After loads of research, hours and hours searching on the internet for bits of inspiration, and tons of paint and wallpaper swatches later… I set out to create that wonderful space. With the use of color + a lot of storage, I think I accomplished what I set out for – the perfect little workspace.

The images in the gallery at the top of this post are the before and after shots.

How It All Came Together…

wallpaper – 2modern.com
bookcases + storage + desks + chair – ikea
curtain – {threshold} – target
bulletin board – homegoods