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A New Addition…


Nov 1, 2010 Kids, Video 0 Comments

There are so many ways to surprise family and friends about the newest addition to the family…yet, for my husband and I, we wanted to do something really unique. Between my sisters, we have 4 nieces and a nephew, and of course, with each one, came a new way to tell the family…which meant, most good ideas were taken. So what was OUR plan?!?! Let’s make a movie!! But not any movie…a stop motion animation. Mind you, I had never created a movie before and was not really sure how to go about it. I decided to do a stop motion one since it seemed easier at the time…It wasn’t so bad creating it, just took a lot of time. I created a movie with 241 stills that I drew out, and combined with sound effects, (that my husband and I provided) and some music, and voilá..our lil movie was born. Enjoy!

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